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Field Reports from the
O'Donnell Brain Institute

The stories that follow are changing how the world understands and treats the brain. Read more in the inaugural Field Reports from the O'Donnell Brain Institute.

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illustration Alzheimers nerve cells

Driving Breakthrough Discoveries in Neurodegenerative Diseases

New research exploits novel antibody development for diagnosis and therapy of tauopathies. 

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abstract blue and pink network wave

Mapping the Neural Networks Behind Memory

Breakthrough in memory science: uncovering the 'phase offset' in humans.

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brain circuitry illustration

Demystifying Schizophrenia and Related Psychotic Disorders

Unravelling the complexities of schizophrenia.

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Abstract connecting lines, illustration

Functional Neurological Disorders: Exploring Unmet Needs

Brain studies shed new light on the mysteries of FND.

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Ataxia illustration on cellular level

An Expanding View of Ataxia

Did you know that Dallas is shaping the future of Ataxia research? 

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DNA transcription illustration

New Findings Alter View of EGFR Signaling in Glioblastoma

Once thought to feed glioblastoma, EGFR may actually slow it.

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abstract illustration of depression in various shades of blue

From Hope to Help

TMS is bringing more treatment options to patients with depression and psychosis.

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illustration of a healthy spine

The Power of an Integrated Spine Care Mission

Micro-etched spine implant trials appear to sidestep inflammatory phase.

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illustration of stroke patient hippocampus

Creating a Blueprint for the Future of Stroke Rehabilitation

Blood-based biomarkers could help pinpoint the golden window of stroke rehab.

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