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Cooling brain tumor cells could make headway in glioblastoma, UTSW researcher finds


Cooling brain tumor cells to stop them from dividing without killing healthy cells extended the survival of glioblastoma (GBM) animal models dramatically in a study led by a UT Southwestern resident.

New technique improves high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment for brain disorders


UT Southwestern physicians have developed an improved targeting method, four-tract tractography, to personalize MRI-guided, high-intensity focused ultrasound.

UTSW expanding mental health program for teens throughout Texas


UT Southwestern Medical Center is expanding an evidence-based mental health promotion and crisis prevention program for adolescents to schools across Texas after receiving $11.5 million in funding from the state.

Flexible assemblies of nerve cells key to episodic memory


For the first time, scientists have recorded human nerve cells firing together in flexible assemblies, a process that appears necessary to successfully encode long-term memories, a study led by UT Southwestern researchers reports.

UT Southwestern scientists among top 1% of highly cited researchers across the globe


More than 20 UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists are among the 2022 Highly Cited Researchers listed in the top 1% of researchers from across the globe who have demonstrated significant and broad influence in their chosen field or fields of research.

UTSW scientists identify brain circuit that triggers rare, blood sugar-dependent epilepsy


A small group of brain cells linked in a circuit is responsible for setting off whole-brain seizures in a rare form of epilepsy affected by blood sugar levels, a study led by UT Southwestern researchers suggests.

Treating depression of parents boosts treatment of children’s asthma, study finds


Depression and anxiety in the parents of children with asthma have been associated with increased clinic visits and asthma-related hospitalizations.

Brain wave readings may be key to detecting concussions


Measuring levels of a specific brain wave could lead to more objective, definitive methods of diagnosing concussions.

UT Southwestern designated one of 12 elite Nutrition Obesity Research Centers in the nation


UT Southwestern Medical Center has been selected to be one of 12 NIH Nutrition Obesity Research Centers in the nation – and the only one in Texas – to investigate the causes, prevention, and treatment options for obesity, a chronic disease affecting more than 40% of the U.S. population with medical costs nearing $175 billion.

UT Southwestern opens first academic medical center campus for southern Dallas County


More than 1,000 residents, business owners, and regional leaders gathered Saturday at the community celebration for the opening of UT Southwestern Medical Center at RedBird, the largest of its regional campuses and the first to bring academic medicine to the booming southern Dallas region.