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Clinical Neuroscience Scholars - O'Donnell Brain Institute, Dallas, TX

Clinical Neuroscience Scholars Program

The O’Donnell Clinical Neuroscience Scholars Program provides outstanding junior faculty with mentoring in brain disease-related disciplines so that they can become nationally recognized experts in their areas of interest.

The program supports both faculty recruitment and ongoing mentorship to promote enduring excellence in state-of-the-art, personalized, and empathetic patient care.

Program Structure

Financial Support

Each scholar will receive $1 million to be used over five years. Each year, $100,000 will be used for salary support and $100,000 will be used for scholarly work, which may include teaching or patient-centered research.

Senior Mentor

A master clinician will serve as a senior mentor to each O’Donnell Scholar. Scholars and mentors will be paired within their shared clinical specialty.

Multidisciplinary Mentorship Team

Each scholar will be supported by a specialty-specific clinician, alongside a multidisciplinary mentorship team to increase professional development.

How to Apply

Assistant professors or associate professors/academic physicians should contact the chair of their clinical department if they are interested in the Clinical Neuroscience Scholar Program.