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Sleep and Circadian Rhythms: O'Donnell Brain Institute, Dallas, TX

Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Training Program

The Cellular and Systems Biology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Training Program* (SCRTP) provides comprehensive training for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in the biology of sleep and circadian rhythms.

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We recognize that effective sleep/wake and circadian research necessarily involves integration across multiple biological systems responsible for the genesis and function of sleep and circadian rhythms. Therefore, we are committed to providing the intellectual and environmental resources needed to successfully tackle this demanding approach.

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Trainees receive in-depth exposure to state-of-the-art technologies and experimental approaches from world-leading sleep and circadian rhythms research investigators. Learn more about our faculty mentors.

Integration of both clinical and basic (pre-clinical) expertise, research findings, and development of presentation skills will be encouraged and facilitated through our translational seminar series (presented jointly by each trainee and a relevant sleep clinician under the supervision of the trainee’s mentor). Additionally, trainees will make short presentations at our annual Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Symposium which will include a reputed keynote speaker.

*Sponsored by the NIH, grant number 1T32HL139438-01A1